BowlsLink Administration

Bowlslink, established in conjunction with Bowls Australia and all State & Territory associations with development and support by Savage Bull (web development agency), is the first purpose-built membership database and competition management system for Lawn Bowls administration.

The system will allow club administrators to manage:

Club details; membership data; email campaigns; invoicing; competition entry, draws, results and management; website and more.

Additionally, individuals will be able manage their own profile data, view competitions entered and results as well as enter events, like State/District/Zone/Club Championships, directly.

To go to the Bowlslink site, click here

Individual Member Profiles

Having access to your own information and profile ensures that you control and can update personal details at any time.

Once your profile is activated, it will give you access to all your details.

To activate, you will need a valid email address associated to your profile.

If you have a shared email with another person (usually a family member), you can still access the system using a mobile phone number or your National Identity Number (NIN). Please note that only one email address can be used per profile to log in.

If you do not have your email associated with your member profile, you can have this set up by clicking on the Sign Up button below.

Please note that Bowls NSW Limited does not share information with any third party and all information is stored within appropriate guidelines as per the Bowls NSW Limited Privacy Policy

When resetting/setting up a password, if you do not receive your authentication code via email, check your spam/junk folder. If it is not there, this means your email address has not been registered with Bowlslink, and you need to complete an Individual Access Online Form.

Club Administrator Request Form

If you need to add or change who your Club/District/Zone administrators are, please click on Request Form button below.

Membership module administrators should be the authorised person within your club/district/zone who administers new registrations; change of details; deletions; transfers; membership categories; club details and contacts etc.

 Competition module administrators should be the authorised person in your club/district/zone who administers championship entries; draws; results; pennant sides; score cards etc.

Training Tutorial / Manuals

Bowls NSW Limited has a series of tutorials and manuals to help guide you step-by-step through the various tasks within Bowlslink.

Further training can also be provided by contacting the office to organise a video/webinar session with your administrators.

On-site training courses will be conducted throughout each year, across the state, with details of upcoming courses released when booked.

Click on any of the links below to read the relevant training manual/video:

Individual Membership/Competition Access

BowlsLink Competition Tutorials

<strong>Competition Creation Tutorial – Jess Alvaro</strong>
<strong>PennantCompetition Creation Tutorial – Jess Alvaro</strong>
<strong><em>Additional Tutorials – Coming Soon</em></strong>

Club Administrator Competition Access/Training

Club Administrator Membership Access/Training

<strong>Club Administrator Membership Access/Training</strong>

Club Administrator Membership Access/Training

<strong>Dual Registered Member Invite Process (Part 1)</strong>
<strong>Dual Registered Member Invite Process (Part 2)</strong>
<strong>Player Transferring Club (Step 1) – Club Transferring From</strong>
<strong>Player Transferring Club (Step 2) – Club Transferring To Pt. 1</strong>
<strong>Player Transferring Club (Step 3) – Club Transferring To Pt. 2</strong>
<strong>Player Transferring Club (Step 4) – Primary Club Accept & Transfer</strong>
<strong>Club Admin – Updating Club Details</strong>

Help / Assistance

For more assistance or information on Bowlslink, please contact Bowls NSW Limited on (02) 9283 4555 or email