Marketing Information

Marketing Assistance from Bowls NSW

Bowls NSW is committed to providing services and assisting clubs in achieving their marketing goals. The Marketing and Communications department at Bowls NSW is happy to offer advice to clubs and help formulate a marketing strategy that will help their club grow.

Services available to be utilised through Bowls NSW are listed below. We encourage you to contact us at Bowls NSW to discuss your requirements, especially if additional to the below.

Online Communication Channels

  • Practical advice on creating a strong online presence.
  • Advice on how to manage and maintain social media channels.
  • Exposure for your club or event on Bowls NSW online channels.

Print Materials

  • Template poster and flyers available that can be tailored to your club or event.
  • Bowls NSW Ltd promotional material (posters, flyers and banners) available to be ordered.

Event Planning

  • Bowls NSW Ltd Marketing and Communications and the Sport Development departments can offer experienced based advice on the planning and running of a successful club event.
  • Bowls NSW Ltd can provide support in the production of promotional material for your event.


  • Approved use of Bowls NSW Ltd Branding available.
  • Detailed branding guide please click here

* Please note use of the Bowls NSW Ltd logo does require prior approval. Please contact