National Coaching Accreditation Scheme

Bowls NSW is pleased to endorse the new National coaching structures. The implementation of qualified Presenters and Assessors (P&A) aim to provide professional accreditation and re-accreditation courses for all levels of coaching, from Introductory Coach through to High Performance Coaching standards.

BowlsLearn – Online Coaching Modules

BowlsLearn allows coaching and officiating courses/modules to be partially completed online with an on-green component to be completed at the conclusion of the online module.

Selection modules and Introductory Coach courses can only be completed online through BowlsLearn. No on-green assessment is required for these modules/courses. Click here to access BowlsLearn.

Club Coach courses can be partially completed online through BowlsLearn, with an on-green component to be completed at the conclusion of the online portion. Click here to access BowlsLearn.


Coaching Reaccreditation Form

Introductory Coach Reaccreditation – $15.00 per person

Club Coach Reaccreditation – $25.00 per person

Refund Policy

  1. Any course enrolment cancelled more than 2 working days of the course commencement will incur a fee of 10% of the course cost.
  2. The refund must be sought by written advice to
  3. No refund will be offered to an enrolment cancelled within the timeframe of 2 working days of the course commencement.
  4. Any course not attended and without prior notification will forfeit all payments made.
  5. In the event that Bowls NSW cancels a course, you will be offered a full refund or you may elect to transfer to another course at no cost.
  6. All manuals, workbooks must be returned to Bowls NSW in an unused condition. No refunds will be given for materials that are considered to be used.
  7. Refunds will only be processed upon receipt and inspection of any returned materials.

    Transferring & Rescheduling
  8. Bowls NSW will transfer your application at no cost if written notification is received a minimum of 5 working days prior to course commencement.
  9. Transfer requests received after this time will incur a $15.00 transfer fee payable to Bowls NSW.
  10. Transfers must include a new course date to ensure no further charges apply.
  11. Failure to provide this new course date before the commencement of the original course, will be considered a cancelled enrolment and may forfeit all payments and/or potential refunds.

    Group (Client) Booking Cancellations
  12. Bowls NSW requires written notification for cancellation of group (client) bookings.
  13. Written notification must be received a minimum of 5 working days prior to course commencement, if you wish to cancel a group (client) booking.
  14. Cancellations received after the time will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the total course cost.

Coaching Course Outlines

Introductory Coach

Ideally suited to coaches working with schools, social bowlers and those introducing new bowlers to the game. This accreditation is perfect for the coach who is assigned a group of bowlers celebrating an event (e.g. Christmas party). The course takes coaches through the safety aspects of organising a group on the green and a plethora of activities designed to engage new participants instantly!

Introductory Coach Competency statements:
• Identify the roles and responsibilities of an introductory coach
• Assess and manage the risks of coaching at an Introductory level
• Utilise a range of communication techniques
• Plan and safely conduct a training session, ensuring fun and maximum participation through games and activities
• Adapt activities to meet player abilities

Club Coach

Ideally suited to coaches regularly working at club level, either coaching a team or individual coaching. Coaches who are coaching a pennant team will benefit from obtaining this accreditation as the course covers the constants and variables of a delivery, managing the safely aspects of bowls and harnessing various communication methods.
Club Coach Competency statements:

• Demonstrate the legal and ethical responsibilities of a club coach
• Identify the roles and information needs of a club coach
• Review the coaching session
• Demonstrate appropriate risk management audit
• Apply risk management principles
• Work cooperatively with parents, officials and sports administrators
• Conduct a coaching session to teach skills and tactics
• Identify appropriate delivery options to place bowl smoothly on running surface
• Identify appropriate drills for shot development
• Apply technique analysis to provide appropriate feedback
• Identify the correlation between line and weight and the impact of environmental conditions
• Implement inclusive activities for the coaching of bowls
• Identify physical growth and development considerations
• Outline social development considerations
• Identify the specific responsibilities of lead, second, third and skip
• Apply the basic rules for sport of Lawn Bowls
• Identify issues regarding drugs in sport
• Identify common bowls terminology for club level competition
• Assist athletes with basic nutritional strategies for sports performance
• Demonstrate effective communication strategies

Selection Module

The Selection Module is designed for club coaches, selectors and others who are keen to ensure their club has best practice selection standards. Coaches should attend this workshop to learn more about the benchmarking players which can assist with selection. Selectors and committee members should attend this workshop to learn how to create a selection policy and a healthy philosophy for their club.

Selection Module Competency statements
• Explain the role of a selection panel and their relationship with coaches, players and committee members
• Develop a selection policy and criteria and explain their purpose
• Explain the process of creating performance standards
• Explain the legal and ethical considerations, appeals and repercussions of selection
• Collect and manage the use of data to help selectors


Please see below the Club Coach Reaccreditation model. In summary, the Club Coach Reaccreditation model is:

Regular practical coaching component – all club coaches should be actively practicing their craft. They are required to keep a log of regular coaching (recommended to be 200 hours of a coaching at club level or higher). The log can be in the form of a notebook, excel spreadsheet or any other means of demonstrating 200 hours of practical coaching (over a four year period, e.g. – 50 hours of practical coaching per year). This must be available at time of reaccreditation and shown to the coach’s nominated club (see point two).

2.‘Current and competent letter’ from their nominated club (see example template below) – all club coaches are required to have their club president/secretary verify their competency and hours of active coaching. In signing this letter, the club is endorsing that:
a) the reaccreditation candidate has been actively coaching (and they have seen the log detailing the hours); and
b) the club is satisfied with the performance of the coach and is happy for that coach to continue coaching at club level or above.

Dear coaching committee,
I can confirm that has been actively coaching at .
is a well respected coach at our club and someone who performs the role of club coach frequently for our members.

has completed approximately of coaching at our club (or higher level) over the past four years and I have sighted his/her log book which details the records.

On behalf of our club, we are delighted to see this person be reaccredited as a club coach and happy to provide support as required.

View online videos on Bowls Australia website – BA has designed/sourced several short videos which will be updated from time to time in accordance with relevant industry standards and legislation changes. While it is impossible to ‘force’ a coach to view videos (the same as it is impossible to force a coach to listen to the presenter during a course), we will keep the videos interesting, valuable and relevant to current coaching needs.

Each participant will be able to view coaching videos available online via the STA/BA websites. A small library of these DVD’s will be provided to each STA for those candidates that are unable to view video’s online. They will (as part of their reaccreditation process) be asked to tick the appropriate box on the reaccreditation form to show they have viewed and understood the videos. We will have a range of coaching videos online which will jointly form the personal development component of reaccreditation.

Culburra Beach members enjoying their Coaching Course session with P&A Margaret Sheehan