History of Women’s Bowls

Women’s Bowls NSW History

Women’s Bowls New South Wales was founded in 1929 with five clubs in operation – Balmain, Leichhardt, Rose Bay, Torpey Place and Western Suburbs.

Originally known as the New South Wales Ladies’ Bowling Association, the inaugural meeting saw a further seven clubs join and the official number of members at 216. In 2019, Women’s Bowls NSW has more than 15,800 members from 415 women’s bowling clubs around NSW.

From its humble beginnings in 1929, Women’s Bowls NSW has undergone many changes. The first official Association headquarters were at Bellevue Hill in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and served as offices until Pitt St head office opened on January 10, 2000, which was sold in 2017 and the office moved to its current location in Mascot.

In June 1948, the first edition of Bowls News was published, the official Association magazine, and it was run through until 2013 when the name was changed to Bowls Matters.

In 2014, Women’s Bowls NSW underwent re-branding, with the name changed from NSW Women’s Bowling Association to Women’s Bowls NSW and a new logo sought.

Today, Women’s Bowls NSW works closely with Bowls NSW Bowling Association, all other State organisations and Bowls Australia to help ensure the strong future of continued growth of lawn bowls.

Women’s Bowls NSW has strong representation at all State playing levels and we are the current holders of both the Australian Sides and Senior Sides Trophies.

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