Update to Open State Pennant CoP

by admin

Dear Members,

Under the previous Conditions of Play for Open State Pennant Grades 1 – 7, players with a nominated club other than a NSW Club could participate in this competition after completing an Interstate Pennant Declaration. This ruling enabled two non-NSW players to participate in the top grade for any given club. In addition, the COP was not clear as to the limit of non-NSW players able to play in any subsequent grades beneath this top grade. 

In the interest of supporting our member Clubs and their individual members, we will be taking a stronger position with regards to non-NSW players into the future.

With the above points in mind and in consultation with the State Match Committee, we are implementing the below changes to our Conditions of Play for the 2023-24 Season.

Changes to COP explained

  • Players with a nominated Club that is not a NSW Club will be limited to competing only in the Platinum Pennant.
  • Interstate Pennant Declarations will not be granted for Pennant Grades 1 – 7.
  • Individuals seeking to play in Pennant Grades 1 – 7 must have a NSW Club listed as their Primary/Declared Club.

The Rationale

  • We want to create a world class competition in the Platinum Pennant, therefore we are allowing non-NSW players to compete in this competition as per the Platinum Pennant COP.
  • We want Clubs to strive for the Grade 1 Pennant Competition. By removing non-NSW players from the Grade 1 competition, we seek to level the playing field and encourage clubs from all areas of New South Wales to participate.
  • We want to support our Clubs and their members in all Grades. Removing non-NSW players levels the playing field across Grades 1-7 and supports all NSW members competing in every Grade within our sport.

Updated COP Clause 11.2

Click here to view the updated Conditions of Play

Extension to Grade 1 EOI Submission

We are announcing an extension to the current Grade 1 EOI timeline. This EOI timeline will now be extended until 5pm, 30 November 2023.

EOIs can be submitted by Clubs using this link – Grade 1 EOI Submission Form

If clubs require further clarification on this information, they can contact the Bowls NSW Head Office on 9283 4555.

We hope and trust you agree with our rationale and decision making in relation to this ruling and we look forward to revitalising our Open State Pennant competition in partnership with you.

Kind regards,

Tim Rowe