KENO NSW Blues Defeat Victoria

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Article by Ben Krikstolaitis

The annual State Test Series between the KENO New South Wales Blues and Victoria was completed over the last few days at Warilla Bowling and Recreation Club, and the quality of play from the outset was brilliant. Both state teams turned up with something to prove and it was evident in the way in which they presented themselves and played their bowls.

There were five tests including an indoor test played on Friday evening which turned out to be a big hit with the fans as they turned out in droves in the arena at Warilla Bowls and Recreation Club and the online streams. With all eyes on them, the players put on a real show.

The first two tests on both the women’s and men’s sides were won by New South Wales.  The KENO New South Wales Women’s Blues rolling Victoria by over 20 shots in the second test.  At the following Victorian team meeting the players were asked; “Does anyone here really think that they’re 20 shots better than us?”  The players were fatigued from travel but were keen to respond.  The next day would be decisive.

Saturday was tougher as conditions in the Illawarra worsened and rain forced the opening game into the indoor arena.  Both teams battled it out but New South Wales once again came up ahead at the end.

The Fourth Test on Saturday was played on a soggy green that suited the Victorian style of play.  In a close tussle the New South Wales men just defeated the Victorians but the Victorian women fired and won through for their first test win of the series.

The final test was all Victoria.  A huge volume of rain fell over parts of the Illawarra on Saturday night, absolutely drenching the field-of-play.  The excellent Warilla Bowls and Recreation Club greenkeepers set to work and got it up to playing standard and play got underway early in the morning.

The Big-V thrived in the conditions.  Winning everywhere and all over the New South Wales players on the masterboard.  A heartening win for the Victorians who overcame a slow start to make it a tight series.  Their team spirit shone through greatly and should be commended for their fight.

But in the end, it was New South Wales winning the Test Series in both classifications and taking home the trophies.  The lead up to the nationals in Perth couldn’t have been better and the strong showing will fill the players with confidence.  Congratulations to all players.

To finish, a special thanks to all of the spectators, families and volunteers who helped umpiring, scoring and supporting the players in this series.  In particular, thanks to Jeremy Henry and the organisers of UBC who accommodated green space inside the arena to allow the third test occur.

Next up is the three test series between the KENO New South Wales Senior Blues and Victoria.  Follow our socials or turn up to the club for more fantastic bowling.

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The KENO NSW Blues Men’s Side defeated Victoria 4 Tests to 1

The KENO NSW Blues Women’s Side defeated Victoria 3 Tests to 2