Dee Why Women’s Club Championships

by Billy Johnson

Clare Turner, Jeanette Jones, Pat Mitchell, Dulcie Ellul, Janet Welsh, Heather Murphy, Robyn Courtney, Sue Marshall, Sandra Saunders, Jan Chad

Dee Why Women’s Club Championships

Winners of the Dee Why 2022 – 2023 Club Championships

Date of Submission

June 5, 2023


Dee Why

District/ Zone/ Region

Manly Warringah

Winners names:

Major Singles: Winner: Pat Mitchell

Major Singles: Runner-up: Clare Turner

Pairs: Janet Welsh, Robyn Courtney

Senior Pairs:

Mixed Pairs:

Triples: Jan Chad, Dulcie Ellul Clare Turner

Open Fours

Minor Singles: Jeanette Jones

Senior Fours: Sandra Saunders, Sue Marshall, Heather Murphy, Pat Mitchell

Pennant 1:

Pennant 2: Jan Chad, Sue McFadden, Nannette Crawshay, Clare Turner

Pennant 3: ​

Pennant 4: