Tamworth City - One of the successful clubs to receive funding

Community Building Partnership Injects over $800,000 into Bowling Clubs

by Billy Johnson

Twenty-nine bowling clubs across New South Wales have received funding from the NSW Government’s latest round of the Community Building Partnership program. The purpose of the program is to invest in infrastructure projects that deliver positive social, environmental, and recreational outcomes, while also promoting community participation, inclusion and cohesion. 

Bowling clubs have long held a position as a community hub for many areas in New South Wales, and the latest injection of funds to twenty-nine of our clubs is a welcome boost for these communities. The latest club projects covered an array of areas from machinery upgrades to kitchen repairs and roof replacements, with funding ranging from $7,000 – $100,000 per club.

The Bowls Australia Regional Bowls Managers (RBM’s) were on hand to assist all successful clubs through the application process, ready to offer any guidance where necessary. New South Wales have five dedicated RBM’s available to assist clubs, and their contact information can be found on the Bowls Australia RBM webpage.

Bowls NSW thanks Bowls Australia and their incredible RBM’s for the work they do for clubs. Their services are available free of charge to all bowling clubs in New South Wales. If you would like to see the full list of successful clubs from the Community Building Partnership, click here.

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