Two New Directors Appointed at Bowls NSW AGM

by Billy Johnson

At the Bowls NSW AGM, it was announced that two new directors were appointed to the Board of Bowls NSW Ltd. Marina Deluchi and Michael Howard were welcomed by those present at the AGM, with both bringing a wealth of experience into their roles as directors.

Michael Howard brings to his role over 35 years’ experience in business management, specialising in the execution of strategic risk and opportunity outcomes, managing stakeholder relationships and project management. Michael has been an active bowler for over 20 years, serving as a club director for ten years in that time as well as chairman for five years. He currently bowls out of Northmead Bowling Club, and is excited at the prospect of helping promote, develop and ultimately expand the core activities of lawn bowls and Bowls NSW Ltd.

Marina Deluchi comes into her role with a breadth and depth of skills in business administration, having over 23 years’ experience across the insurance, graphic design and legal industries. Marina has also held roles as treasurer and president of multiple bowling clubs, most notably her current club, Western Suburbs Bowling Club. In 2011, Marina initiated the re-opening of the Women’s branch of the club, which now has multiple working committees and an active membership base. Marina has an active interest in promoting lawn bowls and is thrilled with the opportunity to sit on the Board of Bowls NSW.

Bowls NSW Board of Directors

Dilys Kindleysides (Chair)

Brett Duprez (Deputy Chair)

Marina Deluchi

John Ellison

Michael Howard

Sandra Jowett

Suzanne O’Keefe

Mike Skeggs

Lesley Swales

Owen Walker