Region 6 Pennant Playoffs – Division 1

by Billy Johnson

L. Genders, H. Wuro, K. Shuttlewood, R. Namutwong, G. Gannon, R. Littlewood, H. Sanderson, K. Gemmell

Region 6 Pennant Playoffs – Division 1

Region 6 Pennant playoffs played at Club Redhead 25th September between Lake Macquarie and Central Coast

Date of Submission

September 27, 2022



District/ Zone/ Region

Lake Macquarie/ Region 6

Winners names:

Major Singles: Winner:

Major Singles: Runner-up:


Senior Pairs:

Mixed Pairs:


Open Fours

Minor Singles:

Senior Fours:

Pennant 1:

Pennant 2:

Pennant 3: ​

Pennant 4: