Davistown RSL Heads Towards Unification

by Billy Johnson

In many ways, Davistown RSL is just like any other bowling club. They have two grass greens set in a beautiful location. They have Men’s and Women’s sub-clubs, each filled with an eclectic mix of passionate members. They boast an extensive bowling history, proudly displayed throughout the clubhouse.

They are also in the process of unifying their bowling sub-clubs.

It started when the Women’s Bowling Club approached Bowls NSW enquiring about the unification process. The club had heard about the benefits of unification but was not certain if it would work for them. Bowls NSW CEOs Anne Johns and Greg Helm met with members of the sub-clubs to explain the process, outlining the formal steps on how to form a new club and providing them with draft constitutions and documentation.

Bolstered with this information, Davistown RSL recently held a meeting for all bowling members to explain the unification process. Immediately following the meeting was a Q&A session for members. Both Anne Johns and Greg Helm attended the meeting on behalf of Bowls NSW to sit in on the Q&A session and answer any questions. The meeting was a resounding success, with many Men’s and Women’s bowling members in attendance to listen to Don Paviour-Smith (Men’s Club President) and Kerry Hutchison (Women’s Club President) outline the unification process.

Following the presentation, the conversation in the Q&A was robust with members asking an array of questions. In response, Greg Helm was quick to praise the club for their efforts, “the unification process for every club is unique, and the way in which Davistown RSL has approached this is to be commended. Other clubs pondering unification can look to Davistown as a prime example of how to work through the process.”

In addition to the Q&A, two presentations for Merit Badges were made to Verna Morris and William ‘Jim’ Parr for their services to the club. It capped off what was a great day for Davistown RSL, and Bowls NSW would like to thank the club for the invitation to be present on the day.

If your club is looking to unify, or would like more information on the unification process, send an email to unification@bowlsnsw.com.au.