Scone Bowling Club Graded Triples Competition

by mtaylor

Open gender graded three bowl triples. 13 or more grading on 2021pennants–ladies (except for one grade) are given a discretionary grading of plus one on their lady’s pennant gradings. For example, a ladies graded pennant grade 3 would use 4 grade when entering this tournament. One grade remains one grade. Ungraded players in 2021 must list their last grade played. If no pennant grading then the entry must be accompanied by the name and contact number of your club’s bowls coordinator

Start Date of Tournament

April 30, 2022


Scone Bowling Club
Gundy Road
Scone, NSW 2337

Event contact details

Contact Warren Styles by email or phone +6165451511

Event cost: $120 per team