Bowls NSW Ltd Season Update & Calendar Release

by Billy Johnson

Bowls NSW Ltd is excited to present the latest Season Calendar and Conditions of Play (CoP) Documents.
Links to view the following documents are located at the end of this article:

  • Bowls NSW Ltd Season Calendar
  • Conditions of Play Documents
  • FAQ Sheet
  • Member Competition Review Survey Results

As part of the Unification Process, Bowls NSW Ltd promised to provide members with a single Calendar and CoP documents to streamline event administration under the new entity.

These documents are the result of a rigorous review process. After being drafted by our State Match Committee, Bowls NSW Ltd held a Strategic Forum to present these documents to Zone and District representatives. Immediately following the Forum, we provided representatives the opportunity to review the information and offer feedback through a series of Q & A Sessions. The constructive feedback provided in the Q & A Sessions have helped to shape the documents presented to you today.

As a result, Bowls NSW Ltd can officially announce that the 2021 Season has been extended into the first half of 2022. Multiple events, headlined by the 2021 State Championships and 2021 State Pennant Finals, will take place during this period. The next playing Season will run from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023 and be referred to as the 2022-2023 Season. 

Bowls NSW Ltd took into consideration several important factors in making these decisions, including:

  • Maximising participation across all events
  • COVID-19 and the associated restrictions
  • Results of the Member Competition Review Survey

The Survey results account for over 5,500 bowling members and can be accessed by clicking the relevant link listed below.
The Bowls NSW Ltd Season Calendar and the latest CoP Documents can also be accessed on the Bowls NSW Ltd website in the relevant link listed below.
We appreciate that there is a lot of information to absorb, which is why we have included an FAQ Sheet to answer your questions! If you need further clarification on any information, send an email to
Bowls NSW Season Calendar & CoP Documents
FAQ Sheet
Member Competition Review Survey Results
Bowls NSW Ltd is confident that these changes will help secure the long-term viability and success of our great sport.