Juniors Enjoy Day Out At Inter-Zone Coaching Clinic

by admin

By Ben Krikstolaitis

Sheets of rain and a cold blustery wind greeted all the junior players and their supporters on Friday for the introductory coaching session and drills that lead into the Inter-Zone 7-A-Side Championship. While the conditions were tough, our junior bowlers were tougher as they eagerly jumped onto the greens.

The players gathered for an address from Jackaroo and Pathways Coach, James Reynolds in addition to members of the State Selection and State Juniors Committee, each providing invaluable advice and insights into the game. Immediately following this it was straight into action with a series of fast-paced, single bowl drills.  The players ran up and down the green keeping warm in the cold wind while showing off their remarkable skills. 
It was fantastic to see the ‘older’ junior bowlers help guide the first timers through teamwork, discipline and all of the attributes needed to be a top-level player.  The volunteers and coaches watched closely to witness the decision making skills, focus and commitment of the players. 

It was a great lead in to the competition with new friends being made and old friendships renewed. Team play brings out the best in sportspeople and these drills helped reinforce that.