Over 40’s Pairs Qualifying Draws Released

by Billy Johnson

Draws for the 2023-24 State Over 40’s Pairs Qualifying are now online and available to view on BowlsLink!

The Over 40’s Pairs is an open event where teams may be any combination of men and women (2 men, 2 women or 1 man/1 woman). From qualifying, 32 teams will win their way through to the State Finals series at Club Grandviews on 7-8 October 2023.

Click here to view the Over 40’s Pairs Qualifying Draw

SectionHost VenueSectionHost Venue
Section 1BallinaSection 34Belrose
Section 2BallinaSection 35Merrylands
Section 3CharlestownSection 36Merrylands
Section 4CharlestownSection 37Merrylands
Section 5CharlestownSection 38Merrylands
Section 6CharlestownSection 39Cabramatta
Section 7CharlestownSection 40Cabramatta
Section 8CharlestownSection 41Cabramatta
Section 9South TamworthSection 42Cabramatta
Section 10South TamworthSection 43Grandviews
Section 11MajellanSection 44Grandviews
Section 12MajellanSection 45Grandviews
Section 13Macquarie ClubSection 46Grandviews
Section 14Macquarie ClubSection 47Grandviews
Section 15Parkes RailwaySection 48Grandviews
Section 16Parkes RailwaySection 49Grandviews
Section 17Parkes RailwaySection 50Grandviews
Section 18PenrithSection 51Port City
Section 19PenrithSection 52Port City
Section 20PenrithSection 53Port City
Section 21Kurri KurriSection 54Port City
Section 22Kurri KurriSection 55Mingara
Section 23Kurri KurriSection 56Mingara
Section 24Kurri KurriSection 57Mingara
Section 25Kurri KurriSection 58Mingara
Section 26Kurri KurriSection 59Windang
Section 27Malua BaySection 60Windang
Section 28Huskisson SportsSection 61Windang
Section 29Huskisson SportsSection 62Windang
Section 30Rules Club WaggaSection 63Windang
Section 31BelroseSection 64Windang
Section 32BelroseSection 65Windang
Section 33BelroseSection 66Windang