ONE MILLION Dollars Injected into NSW Bowling Clubs

by Billy Johnson

The 2021 NSW Community Building Partnership Grants (CBP Grants) have been finalised with 33 bowling clubs across New South Wales successful in securing over $992,000 in funding. From Tumbarumba to Iluka, clubs all over the state have received grants for projects ranging from kitchen upgrades to audio equipment purchases and flood light installation.

The NSW Government initiative aims to invest in infrastructure projects that deliver positive social, environmental, and recreational outcomes while promoting community participation, inclusion and cohesion. With so many bowling clubs acting as community hubs as well as sport and recreation centres, they were the perfect candidates to receive a CBP Grant. The funding will allow clubs to proceed with essential developments and upgrades that further improves their ability to serve the local community.

All clubs successful in receiving grants were ably assisted by the Bowls Australia Regional Bowls Managers (RBMs) in submitting their applications. Each of the five NSW based RBMs were on hand to guide clubs through the application process and maximise their potential for obtaining a grant. Bowls NSW Ltd Co-CEO Anne Johns was pleased to see such a high number of bowling clubs receiving financial assistance. “The RBMs have done a fantastic job working with Bowls NSW Ltd to assist our clubs, and the $992,000 received in Government funding reflects the great work they do… We hope this will encourage other clubs to follow suit and get in contact with their local RBM.”

RBMs offer their services to bowling clubs free of charge, and clubs can contact their local RBM for assistance in areas such as Growth and Development, Program Delivery, Club Development and much more. Details to find and contact your local RBM can be found in the Club Assistance page on our website.

Bowls NSW Ltd, in conjunction with RBMs, will continue to keep bowling clubs updated on Government funding opportunities and assist them through the application process.

To view the full list of successful applicants for CBP Grants, click here.