Disability Bowls

Bowls NSW Ltd has partnered with Wheelchair Sports New South Wales in ensuring Bowls is a sport for all. Lawn bowls is a truly multi-disability sport, where people with a physical disability can participate equally with able-bodied competitors. There are no significant rule changes and competitor scan compete on both normal green and synthetic surfaces.  There are a number of competitions held throughout the year including the NSW State Championships.

Wheelchair Sports NSW

Wheelchair Sports NSW provides a range of innovative sporting programs, wheelchairs, facilities, financial assistance and support staff to over 600 members, of all ages (8-80 years), at all stages (beginner to elite) across a variety of sports.

Programs are specifically designed to cater for people with disabilities ranging from spinal cord injury, spina bifida, amputation, paraplegia and quadriplegia to other similar disabling conditions, and are delivered throughout regional and metropolitan NSW to ensure all members have opportunities to participate and develop in sport.

For more information on wheelchair sports in NSW, visit Wheelchair Sports NSW/ACT and for information pertaining to the sport of lawn bowls click here.