There are sixteen (16) Zones across the state of New South Wales that promote and administer the sport of Bowls. The Zones are integral parts of the Bowls NSW structure by conducting competitions in their designated areas, as well as promoting representative participation of NSW events.

Some Zones have another administrative layer of Districts that assist to run the game in geographical areas.

Each Zone has a representative on the State Council that is listed under each Zone below.  Their role is to provide input and feedback into the Board and Executive of Bowls NSW.

Click on the Zone map below to open a PDF version.

Listed below are each Zone, their State Councillor and a link to their website.

Zone 1 – Far North Coast

Zone 1: Far North Coast
State Councillor: Tony Hart

Zone 2 – Newcastle

Zone 2: Newcastle
State Councillor: Terry Blow

Zone 3 – North Western NSW

Zone 3: North Western NSW
State Councillor: Greg Wilkins

Zone 4 – Mid Western NSW

Zone 4: Mid Western NSW
State Councillor:  Ross Hunter

Zone 5 – Greater Western Sydney

Zone 5: Greater Western Sydney
State Councillor: Col Crossingham

Zone 6 – Hunter & Upper Hunter

Zone 6: Hunter & Upper Hunter
State Councillor: John Payne

Zone 7 – South East NSW

Zone 7: South East NSW
State Councillor: Robin Reid

Zone 8 – South West NSW

Zone 8: South West NSW
State Councillor: Mick Connor

Zone 9 – Sydney Northern

Zone 9: Sydney Northern
State Councillor: Andy Little

Zone 10 – Sydney North West

Zone 10: Sydney North West
State Councillor: Trevor Imer

Zone 11 – Manning – Great Lakes

Zone 11: Manning –Great Lakes
State Councillor: Bruce Elliott (interim)

Zone 12 – Sydney South West

Zone 12: Sydney South West
State Councillor: Allan Cain

Zone 13 – Sydney South & Central

Zone 13: Sydney South & Central
State Councillor: Ian Mathie

Zone 14 – Mid & Lower North Coast

Zone 14: Mid & Lower North Coast
State Councillor: Paul Sullivan

Zone 15 – Central Coast

Zone 15: Central Coast
State Councillor: David Cameron

Zone 16 – Illawarra

Zone 16: Illawarra
State Councillor: Rob Clayton