Zero Tolerance to Abusive Behaviour

by Billy Johnson

Bowls NSW Ltd is committed to providing services to all of our members and in doing so we seek to treat everyone with the dignity and respect that they deserve. It is also an expectation that our members provide the same level of dignity and respect when interacting with our staff and volunteers.

Bowls NSW Ltd adopts a zero tolerance policy to any abusive and/or inappropriate behaviour towards our staff members. This includes, but is not limited to, phone calls, emails, online comments and any form of social media direct messaging.

We respect the right of any individual to express their opinions and we always encourage members to direct their queries or concerns to the relevant Bowls NSW Ltd contact.

These are unprecedented times, and our clubs, members, staff and volunteers are all working hard in the support of our game. It has been a very difficult period where we have not been able to interact with our bowling community as we would normally do, and as a governing body we acknowledge that the members may have frustrations that they wish to direct towards Bowls NSW Ltd as an organisation.

What we cannot and will not tolerate is any form of abuse directed towards our staff or volunteers.

As such, Bowls NSW Ltd reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary towards an individual found to be abusing staff or volunteers.

The Board of Bowls NSW Ltd would like to thank all of our staff and our Co-CEOs for the work that they had done in supporting our members and clubs.

Our Co-CEOs Anne and Greg have the complete support of the Board and we acknowledge their contributions in guiding Bowls NSW Ltd through this difficult period and into the future.

Matthew Goodwin
Bowls NSW Ltd President

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