Clubs Keeping Connected in Lockdown

by admin

With New South Wales currently under lockdown, bowlers will undoubtedly be longing for the moment they can return to the greens. It’s during times like these that we reflect on the social aspect of our great sport, and the fantastic communities that exist within our local bowling clubs.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to throw out challenges, bowling clubs around NSW are finding alternative ways to stay connected with their bowling members. Wenty Leagues Bowling Club recently held their first online meet-up over Facebook, where members were invited to join in and catch up with fellow bowlers. The meet-up, which was run by Wenty Leagues Bowls Coordinator Cameron Curtis, was a great success with plans already in place to hold another session next week.

Beyond social media, Curtis and a team of committee members have also been making ‘care-calls’ to bowling members. The calls are short, informal and a great way to check-in and talk with others, particularly those who are living on their own.

Similar initiatives have been undertaken by St Johns Park Bowling Club, with the bowls office calling or texting bowling members as a way to check on their welfare. If there are any members who want to communicate with their fellow bowlers but do not have their contact details, they can simply contact the bowls office who will then pass on their message.

The club has also created its own ‘Keeping Connected’ private Facebook page where members can post and comment with each other on a regular basis. Bowls Administrator Ben Twist has been pleased to see the page flourishing, with members eager to communicate with each other online.

Many clubs like Wenty Leagues and St Johns Park are engaging with members through these simple yet effective methods – and are in turn providing crucial support during these difficult times. From chat groups to phone calls to online bingo, clubs are finding ways to stay connected with their members. We all know that bowlers are a resilient bunch, and these new approaches to communicating during lockdown prove that we can cope with just about anything thrown our way.

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